LiteraryCO Spotlight: Stephanie Blake

Stephanie Blake

Stephanie Blake is the author of The Marble Queen (Amazon Children’s Publishing, 2012). Learn more on

Do you have any non-book related hobbies?

I spend a lot of my time with my kids and my husband. The boys are in sports. We are always on-the-go. We watch movies. My husband and I play a lot of Rumikub.

What book had the most effect on your life, whether as a writer or in general?

My favorite book of all time is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

What is your movie/book/TV guilty pleasure?

I’m a sucker for a good romantic comedy.

What author do you wish you could write more like or who inspires your writing the most?

I wish I had written the Clementine books by Sara Pennypacker. The way she gets into a little kid’s head is just magical.

Take a hike, see a Broncos game or chill out by a mountain lake?

I love to fish, so I love to chill out by a mountain lake.

What is next on your reading list?

I’m currently reading Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster. It’s so-so, but I’m trying to stick with it.



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